A brief guide to studying Artificial Intelligence in the UK

This list is far from being complete, but may provide a starting point for recent graduates and last-year undergraduate students willing to study Artificial Intelligence in the UK.

  • University of Edinburgh - many different flavors of Artificial Intelligence: Probabilistic Modeling, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Machine Vision, Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, BioInfo, Robotics, Logic, Automated Theorem Proving, Knowledge Based Systems, etc.

    This is information on MS courses (see also the MSc Prospectus). Here are the details of the Shell scholarship, and a list of other grants, scholarships and awards offered by the School of Informatics. Finally, see the links to the UoE research institutes.

  • Machine Learning and Perception group at Microsoft Research. Probabilistic graphical modeling, machine learning, computer vision. (Internships and post-doc positions available).

  • Other universities and research groups are sorted alphabetically. The university names are usually linked to the corresponding (AI, Math, or CS) departments. Most places offer both MSc and PhD programs.

  • Aston's Neural Computing Research Group.- PhD and MSc programs in neural computing and pattern recognition.

  • University of Birmingham. MSc in Natural Computation.

  • Bristol - Machine Learning Research Group, MSc in Machine Learning.

  • Cambridge - MSc in Computer Speech Technology.
    (Also see David MacKay's Inference group).

  • Glasgow - Information Retrieval and Data Mining research group.

  • King's College London - MSc in Information Processing and Neural Networks.

  • Liverpool's MSc in Bioinformatics.

  • Manchester - Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Biological Modeling, Medical Modeling, Robotics.
    Here are the research groups and the list of graduate programs.

  • Manchester UMIST - MSc in Machine Translation.

  • Oxford - MSc programs in Mathematical Modeling.

  • Reedings - the Computational Vision group.

  • Royal Holloway's Computer Learning Research Centre.

  • Sheffield - Machine Learning, Speech Processing, Computer Vision, Robotics.
    See MSc programs in advanced CS and the list of research groups.

  • Sussex - Adaptive Systems, Robotics, Language Processing, Computer Vision, Cognitive Science.
    See the list of offered MSc programs and research institutes.

  • UCL (University College London) - Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Computational Neuroscience.
    MSc in Intelligent systems. Also see the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit.

  • Finally, here is a complete list of UK Universities.

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