These are partially sorted partially AI-related links. A and A- links are general and highly recommended. I hope to sort them all out and write brief descriptions some time before retirement...

Non-Symbolic AI and Statistics

PH Home Page : A
ResearchIndex : A
Assoc for Uncertainty in AI : A
Papers on Graphical Models : A
StatLib Index (Reports, Soft) - CMU+ : A
The Kalman Filter : A
Hidden Markov Models :A
Statistics and Graphics : A
Statistics and Graphics - II: A
Statistics on the Web: A
Gatsby PoE : A
Pattern Recognition on the Web : A
Kevin Murphy's page (HMM, B-nets) :A
TP Minka's Page (Matrix Calculus, latent var models) : A
Working Papers of Santa Fe Institute : A
Mathematics & Statistics : A-
CMU tech reports on Statistics : A-
Stochastic Finance : A-
Statistical Pattern Recognition: A-
Book: Factor Analysis: A-
The Gaussian Processes :A-
Bayesians Worldwide : A-
Sam Roweis: Tutorial Notes ; A-
Aston University: Neural Computing Research Group: A-
Structural Equation (Latent Variable) Modeling : A-
Learning Bayesian Networks from Data : B+
Bayesian Nonparametric Approaches to Density Estimation: B+
Principles of Forecasting : B
Comp Finance Caltech : B
CORA Research Paper Search :B
Tutorial on Data Analysis for Geochemistry : B
Data Analysis in Brief : B
Neural Computation (no papers): B-

Machine Learning

David W. Aha: Machine Learning Page : A
Machine Learning Course at MIT : A
"Caveman" links : A-
Tree-Structured Methods : A-
Machine learning slides : A-
Delve Learning Methods : A-
Machine Learning at CMU : B
Support Vector Machines : B
Pattern recognition, robots : B
Machine Learning online : B-
Data Mining at IBM : C


Neural Network FAQ : A
Book: Neural Classification : A
Andres Perez -- NN in WWW : A
NIPS: Neural Information Processing Systems 2000 : A
Inequality-Constraint Min-Max : A
Bayesian ANN FAQ : A-
Technical Reports on ANN : A-
Nonlinear FAQ: A-
Neural Networks Intro :A-
Fractal Neural Nets: A-
Rule Extraction From ANNs : A-
Neural Networks at Oxford : A-
Neural Nets, Russia : A-
Ill-Conditioning in ANNs : B
Support Vector Machines : B
Neural Network Classification and Priors : B-
Artificial Neural Network Introduction : C
Maxnet & Hamming Net : C

Jobs in Machine Learning : A-


MCMC Preprint Service (Cam): A
Modeling Longitudinal Data and Gibbs sampling : B
Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC)
Monte Carlo demonstration
1 Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods
DAMOCLES: Web sites on Monte Carlo simulation of electronic transport in semiconductors
Monte Carlo simulation
Use of Monte Carlo Simulation in Risk Assessments
Glossary: Monte Carlo Simulation
Monte Carlo Simulation
CPS 713 --- Monte Carlo Simulation for Statistical Physics

AI Links

ResearchIndex : A
Self-Organisation, ALife: A
Intro to Artificial Intelligence : A-
AG Neuro KI References
Virtual ALife Library
Yellow Pages
Directory of /pub/usenet-by-hierarchy/news/answers/ai-faq

Basic Math

Wolfram Linear Algebra : A
Matrix Reference Manual : A
Book: Mathematical Methods for Vision: A
StudyWeb : A-
Galaxy: Mathematics : A-
Math Optimization Chapter : A-
Linear Optimisation and Numerical Analysis: B+
Tutorial on optimization : B+
The Data Analysis BriefBook : B
Matrix Equations: Stewart B
Math-tutorial index : B
Raoul's Applied Math-resources links
ANOVA and statistical tests
Linear Algebra Links
Book: Tensor Calculus
Restricted loglikelihood
Publications (in mathematics) list for Henry Wolkowicz
Traces and determinants of strongly stochastic operators
Backward errors for eigenvalue and singular value decompositions
Singular Value Decomposition


On-Line Bibligrafy on Learning Classifier Systems and Genetic Algorithms
Colorado State Genetic Algorithms Group Publications
FAQ: part 1/6 (A Guide to Frequently Asked Questions)
Glossary C - HHGT Evolutionary Computation
The Genetic Algorithms Archive
Lecture Notes on Genetic Machine Learning



Global JOS Index : A-
Raoul's Applied Math-links: tutorials, ps/pdf-files (Laplace, Fourier, linear systems, DSP)
"All" Engineering Resources on the Internet (EELS), by Title
EE 600 Homepage: Introduction to DSP
ACS 513
Introduction to DSP - index
Glossary of Terms
Directory of /pub/usenet-by-hierarchy/news/answers/dsp-faq


Interesting Wavelet Paper
Wavelet Resources
Wavelet Papers

PDF files for "The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing"

Computer Algebra

MuPAD: Home Page : A
Scilab Home Page : A-

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